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Renewal of the Scout Oath
London, UK, Aug 1, 2007
On that day all scouts renewed their promise to serve the God, Country and People.

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Kielce 2007
Kielce, PL, Sep 10-23, 2007
The National Jamboree of Polish Scouting Association in the centenary of World Scouting.

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Finding London Wetland Centre
London, UK, Jul 8, 2007
We run an exploration party comprising of me and Javi in order to locate the Centre.

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Le Tour De France - Le Grand Depart 2007
London, UK, Jul 7, 2007
For the third time it all started in United Kingdom (previously '74 and '94).

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Hoovering 20 quid
Nutford House, UK, Jul 5, 2007
So we bout them; they lasted 1 day...

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Snowdonia, UK, May 11-13, 2007
The trip with Outdoor Club. We hiked, canoed and cycled in the mountains. Awesome!

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Lednica - Sunday with Parents
Lednica, PL, Apr 15, 2007
At the end of my stay for the Easter we visited this place of whorship of Catholic youths.

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Gniezno - Sunday with Parents
Gniezno, PL, Apr 15, 2007
With my parents I joined the trip of Scouts Tourist Club 'Azymut' to Gniezno. Beautiful town.

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Mammy in London!
London, UK, Feb 9-12, 2007
My Mom was quite surprised to recieve flight tickets for a birthday gift, but it worked: she was delighted!

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Soccer - Final Game
London, UK, Mar 18, 2007
Nutford House played in the Halls League and reached the final game!
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Humber Bridge
Kingston uppon Hull, UK, Feb 15, 2007
This was a study trip to a place where my sensors could possibly be deployed. This was also an opportunity to deploy a test sensor-instalation.
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My Queen
London, UK
Jan 1, 2007
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Canary Wharf
London, UK
Dec 16, 2006
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Beskid Maly, PL
Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2006
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Orbis 2006
Brno, CR
Aug 2006
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