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2008-03-08 :: Written a week before the boat party, published on the night at the boat to a few friends.

* * *

"What if"

What do I feel, hm... what it is...
Is just a dazzle or an eternal bliss?
Seeing nonchalance what one thinks;
she carelessly looks back, meaningfully blinks...

if each moment with small hopes it brings
I'm relishing in all those foolish things
but looking, writing, smiling - gives no reply
then well, life... invariably time goes by...

but !!
If a glance happens to meet a glance
which embarrasses them by a God-bless chance
then maybe... - it's just a guess...
        - possibly!
                oh, God! Yessss!!!

If the sweet dream would never come true?
- waiting has always made me all blue.
What if I my smiles don't get the reply?
Would the heart recover as the time goes by?

* * *

2008-03-08 :: Boat Party (Facebook entry) happens to entertain people every year in my hall of residence.

There is a lot to tell about this year's party. The strongest legend-ranked stories are about: two guys who got into a small fight, someone who had a close intercourse with someone else in the toilet, few dudes who got wasted before the music started and a few boys who have acquainted themselves with their new boyfriends kissing them on the dancefloor...

In general they say that people return mostly with their unplanned overnight guests after the party. This is how magic it is to drift down the river with a bunch of friends, in the blasts of some modern music, everyone is wearing those stunning, shiny clothes: outfits and night dressess... Fantastic...

2008-02-28 :: No Country for Old Men keeps you awake, excited, awaiting until the very end. It is this year's Acaremy Award winner for the best picture. The film tells about a problem of adjusting to the changing environment after developing your view fo life, when it's not obvious any more that you would find a pieceful shelter in the world. There are at least three dialogues/monologues stiched in between very vigorous action of the film.

- In my view, 4 stars out of 5,
- Trailer is this.

2008-02-27 :: The most nasty but vigorous joke ever seen on TV: Jimmy Kimmel pisses off Matt Damon every time he ends his show: have a look.

So Matt asks Jimmy's girlfriend for help in plotting his revenge. They did a pretty good piece: klick here.

Hence Jimmy, really angry, somewhat intimidated pays back immediatelly with the same coin: klick here and watch star-studded video w/ Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Joan Jett, Macy Gray, Robin Williams, Don Cheadle, Pete Wentz, Perry Farrell, Benji and Joel Madden, Lance Bass, Huey Lewis, Josh Groban, McLovin, Christina Applegate, Rebecca Romijn, and Dominic Monaghan, and Meatloaf and probably a few more...

How sweet...

2008-02-25 :: That Monday I went with friends to Salsa Bar. That is a fantastic way of spending your free time, especially that Mondays 8 p.m. you have almost two hours long salsa class for 5 quid. There are usually as many girls as guys which is really unique! (There is always a huge disproportion in either way.)

A must-see if comming to London for a couple of days.

2007-11-10 :: Eastern Promises - a movie about Russian maffia in London. At the first glance you are shown the landmarks of GB's capital. The content is so-so... Quite literally shown violence (like butchering someone with a razor or cutting one's fingers with scissors). Tells a story of big-hearted young woman, an innocent-looking elderly guy being the greatest evil, and of man just doing his brutal job who converts to fighting the evil.

- a good show, 3.5 stars out of 5,
- read a review by Rolling Stone Magazine,
- and watch a trailer of this dark story.

2007-11-03 :: Paintball day with Polish Society of my college. We went to Ruxley Wood, forest base being a facility of Ministry of Paintball.

All guests were divided into four 30-people teams fighting with each other. There were 10 rounds lasting roughly 20 minutes each. Tasks were to capture the flag, put a barrel in the enemy's base (in many variations), defend the fort, death-match etc. Good fun, but expensive, since you might need about 300 paint balls per hour, each for about 6p (0.06 GBP).

2007-10-14 :: Second trip to Snowdonia! We had our shelter in a mountain hut near Tremadog. There were 15 participants at the trip.

On Saturday I climbed Snowdon 1058 meters above the sea level. That's the highest mountain south from Scotland. We started climbing in Ffriddt Uchaf (South-West), and descended through North-East-East side (along the lakes, upper walkway). In the evening we watched some rugby match. Can anyone finally tell me who is playing? ;-D

Sunday was a day of hiking. We (5 of us) did a huge loop starting towards East from Pont Aberglasyn, to Nantmor, going to Beddgelert and returning to the starting point going on a shelve in a rocky bank of the river.

2007-10-01 :: Wicked is another musical of a great fame. Find details about the witches and wizzards from the Land of Oz at the website of London's edition or at Wikipedia.

2007-09-17 :: Phantom of the Opera is a monumental musical. It is abundant in special effects trilling the audience (like overhead objects falling from heinghts). The most memorable play I watched which doesn't resort to means like 'Equus' in its last parts :-).

Is a mutual love of a beautiful singer Christine Daae and cont Raoula de Chagny overcome the greed desire of the Phantom of the Opera?

Listen to teh magnificent, strong music in a trailer of a film: here.

2007-09-01 :: The Bourne Ultimatum is a third of the film trilogy about Jason Bourne. In one word: 4.5 stars out of 5.

As the plot gows by Bourne visits the capital cities of Europe and end up in (of course) New York. He pursues traces of his past identity. You will see him travelling to Moscow, Paris, London, Madrid, Turin and Tangier, and finally to NY. You may find skyline known to you from your own trips. The movie definitely worth seeing (not only because of familiar views).

- a short review is here.
- trailers: first, second.

2007-06-28 :: Billy Eliot was another musical I had a chance to enjoy. You would see a dream that changes everything and everyone it touches... Billy, a tallented boy, had his dream to dance in a ballet.

"Do not let yourself forget about who you are" - do not forget your dreams, make them come true.

- look it over at BBC photo gallery,
- have a look at a trailer,
- and at a piece of play as well.

2007-06-24 :: Imperial War Museum (see the map),
- "(...) there is a study saying that 60% of children [in the world] have seen a murder in front of their eyes. What is the kind of society that grows?"
- "(...) XX century was a mixture of radical ideological views and great advance in hi-tech. With mass media, the world became a scene for massive indoctrination, dehumanisation and extermination".

2007-06-15 :: Victor Hugo in 'Les Miserables' portrayed several ways of how good deeds remedy evil that resides in people. Apart from that there is a good deal of history of France shown in this masterpiece. Before you see it in Queens Theatre, I suggest you familiarised yourself with the plot.

2007-06-03 :: I have found two interesting videos about interactive technologies: about Photosyntch and Surface (and original website). Both are developed in Microsoft.

2007-05-29 :: You should see 'The Matter of Life and Death' (link 2-video, link 3-plot) if you believe in the true love capable of ovecoming any obstacle. A soldier died in a plane crash, but the death angel missed to take his soul. So he did not die. In the mean time the guy had fallen in love... Ups: troubles...

There is a girl known to me who, unlike the characters, did not appreciate such an almighty love at all...

2007-05-23 :: 'Equus' - Is it a play about mental disorder with a sexual background or a masterpiece about religion, passion and an introvert? It has many levels of reception. Fancy for seeing Harry Potter naked? - then must see.

'Democracy isn't for everyone' - Debate organized by Intelligence2 in Royal Geographical Society. At the end of the discussion we voted FOR or AGAINST. ...okay, if FOR then why vote? Oh, I see we're privileged ;->

2007-05-19 :: 'Play It Again, Sam' is a brilliant play about who people want to be, what they think they are, what others think of them and about sex. Woody Allen wrote it in 1969, Eugeniusz Korin has been directing the play for few years in Teatr Nowy, Poznan, Poland.

2007-05-14 :: I have just returned from Snowdonia, the weekend trip of Imperial College Outdoor Club. We rafted down the river and cycled all around mountains. All in rain. In Wales it rains even more than in England!

2007-05-10 :: Today, in Sadler's Wells Theatre there was a modern ballet: Netherlands Dance Theatre 2. It comprised of three extremely different parts. First was like a vigorous fight on a triangular scene. Second seemed to have a plot and most of it was performed synchronically by 5 to 13 dancers. The last thrilled an audience with arrogant contrasts.

2007-05-06 :: I saw "Perfume" the movie based on Patrick Suskind's story. The main objection is (according to my female-friends) that John Babtist was not supposed to be handsome.

2007-05-03 :: Today I run the website. It still evolves, develops and gets its shape.

Today also it is the 216th anniversary of legislating Constitution of 3rd May, the first constitution in Europe, second in the world. This fundamental legal act was created in Poland in 1791. Two years after ratifying the US's constitution.

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